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I’m an author of psychological mysteries, picture books, plays, and an artist of various mediums. Creating is my life! Please check out my monthly blog and see what projects I’m currently working on!

Laura Gibson Kudey is a dark mystery writer, playwright, artist, and art teacher.  She’s written a variety of twisted works including novels, plays, poems, skits, and short stories. She’s committed her life to create art on canvas, the stage, but most especially through thought-provoking stories. Laura bleeds words and is passionate about creating strong female characters, not unlike herself, with a voice that must be heard.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Words of Hope
    When I chose to be a writer, I didn’t realize the hold it would have over me. With such a jumbled mess of phrases floating around in my brain, it’s sometimes difficult to choose which words are the most important to say or write.
  • The Fear of Success
    When I was 20, I went to Culinary school in NYC. I loved it. The city was big, bustling, daunting, […]
  • Following the Leader
    Five years ago, God laid on our hearts that He wanted us to move. We didn’t know where or when, but we felt the pull south…
  • Forever Blessed – No Matter What!
    I’m sitting here nestled on the couch, surrounded by boxes, finishing a hot bowl of my grandmother’s Japanese soup, and trying to find the words to relay the last couple weeks of my life. The only descriptions I can come up with are “blessed” and “forever changed.” …

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