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I’m an author and artist. I write psychological mysteries, sci-fi novels, and plays. I’m an impressionist landscape artist and illustrator. Creating is my life! Please check out my monthly blog, read what writing projects I’m currently working on, and see the paintings I have for sale (**COMING SOON**)!

Laura Gibson Kudey is a novel writer, playwright, artist, and art teacher.  She’s written a variety of twisted works including adult novels, plays, poems, skits, picture books, and short stories. She’s committed her life to create art on canvas, the stage, and through thought-provoking stories. Laura bleeds words and is passionate about creating strong female characters, not unlike herself, with a voice that must be heard.

Latest Blog Posts

  • The Color-Filled Life
    Art. It’s in us, coursing through our veins and capillaries. It surrounds us in the very air we breathe, the words we say, and through our fingertips as we type. Our eyes suck it in without us even knowing it. So, why is the world trying to squeeze all art from existence?
  • A Joy-Filled Pandemic
    “How are you fairing during these trying times?” seems to have replaced the usual “How are you?” With this in mind, I’m going to be vulnerable with ya’ll right now.
  • You Wouldn’t Understand
    We live in a divided country. A divided world. And often times, divided families. I wonder what would happen if we realize our differences can bring us closer?
  • Finishing The Long Game
    In writing a story there’s an event called the “muddy middle.” Otherwise know as the murky middle, the sagging middle, and the nebulous place. It’s not a fun place to be in, but it’s necessary in getting to the finish line.

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