I’m an author, artist, and creative soul. I’m passionate about discovering the art and blessings in life – no matter what!

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Laura Kudey is an author, artist, and former pastry chef.  She’s written a variety of twisted works including novels, plays, poetry, skits, picture books, and short stories. She writes thought-provoking sci-fi, psychological mysteries, and speculative fiction. She’s also an impressionist landscape artist and illustrator. Laura bleeds words and is passionate about creating strong female characters, not unlike herself, with a voice that must be heard.

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  • Don’t Say It, Do It!
    Regardless of how you react, everyone seems to feel something. You know SOMETHING needs to be done. I want to talk about what we CAN do. What WE can do…
  • Spring out of Winter
    Spring is such a happy time of year, but there’s one major thing that makes spring wonderful. Without it, spring wouldn’t even exist.
  • 35 Reflections
    Birthdays are a perfect time to reflect. As I sit here, thinking about the events of my 35 years, I can’t help but feel thankful for the lives I’ve lived. The failures and mistakes I’ve made…
  • Vision For a Better 2022
    Hello, 2022. Nice to meet you? … I think? It’s two weeks into 2022, and the taste of this new year is still a mystery. But vision changes everything.

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