Author Bio


Laura Gibson Kudey is a writer, playwright, artist, and inspirational blogger. A professionally trained Chef, former art and theater teacher, a cancer survivor, and raised in a vegan Japanese-Italian household, Laura paints words from an unique perspective. Over the last fifteen years, she’s written inspirational blogs, poetry, children’s books, psychological mysteries, fantasy musicals, and dystopian sci-fi. Thought-provoking narrative and strong characters bridge all these genres together, though speculative fiction is her happy place.

She has written and directed two Secondary School plays entitled The Novel Life of Tessa Gloom, and The Sounds of Praise. These plays were praised on a local radio show and news program. She’s illustrated the front cover of a children’s book, won the pitch contest at the Montrose Writer’s Conference, took second place in Blue Ridge Conference’s Essay Contest with A Superseding Hope, and was a finalist at Rutgers Writers Conference with her short story Two Darling Rules. Laura has a vibrant social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Look her up at @LauraKudey

Laura bleeds words and is passionate about creating strong diverse characters, not unlike herself, with a voice that must be heard. To capture Laura’s attention, please reference Doctor Who, Vincent Van Gogh, The Lord of The Rings, or come bearing kittens.

Laura and her husband of eleven+ years live in one continuous adventure. They have one energetic son, Riker, are on the path to adopt a little girl out of foster care, and at the mercy of three mischievous cats, Petra, Alixia, and Mr. Darcy.