by Laura Gibson Kudey

Newest Poem:

Just Breathe, Exhale

Five golden stars in a sea of red

Bring forth shadows and smog

Fingers stretch across the earth

Flight or fight, shop or starve

Fear creeps into the soul

Hiding our faces from the words

Cowering in a world of whispers

Just breathe, exhale, breath, exhale

Cower where the sun won’t shine

Murmur where the breath won’t turn

Gather in the shadows some more

Go where it’s safe and secure

Cold and trembling

We breathe the dust and tension

Through our windows, we creep

Tattle-tales of the deep

But the bold outweigh the frail

Though the media might lie

The sickness shall not prevail

Just breathe, exhale, breathe, exhale

Distance has never been closer

The far feels ever near

Bonded by turmoil

No race immune, no home too dark

We witness rich helping poor

The strong holding the weak

A mask for the insecure

Just breathe, exhale, breathe, exhale

Tomorrow we’ll laugh and feast

Warmth, passion, tender embrace

Today we will give and pray

Just breathe, exhale, breathe, exhale

Poems About Strong Women Under Pressure

By Laura Gibson Kudey


Can’t breathe under countless glares

Lying empty from giving

All of me, but none of me

My true self lost to judging.

Pressure bares down on my soul

Will none understand my pain?

My pleasure lies in serving

Yet none accept my true gain

All they see are order rules

How dare I give my lifeline

My talents must match their own

Throwing my pearls before swine.

Hopeless to please human kind

My soul finds freedom above

There’s one who holds my pearls close

My gifts are His righteous love.

Forging Diamonds

She was born into darkness

The room gasped at the new sight

Him powerless and frozen

Handed a child, scared and helpless

A scream pierced the silence

The figure ran from his spawn

Engulfed in arms of strangers

Her world was ruled by compliance

Loneliness imprints with fear

Fear is the friend of the weak

Save her from desolation

Bring her out of this voided sphere

Roots run deep in drought and winds

Shells made dazzling by harsh tides

Queens are born in war, not peace

Endless pressures will forge Diamonds

Fire rises in ashes

Want shan’t hold back her spirit

Hell hath no fury or wrath

As a woman lost in masses

She laughs at the infinite storm

Within her grows unending

Passion and life eternal

Strength comes out from the anguished form

Teach us your ways, oh daughter

We learn from your example

No longer shackled by fear

Drought has brought out living water

Light embraces her demise

The room mourns at the lost sight

A child holds her frozen hand

Her powerful child stands strong, wise.

Room of Forgotten Dreams

The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

She pulls the warmth back over her young form

Sleep and safety forever her allies

Keeping her from a possible hail storm

The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

Dreams fill her restless nights and dark dwelling

Left alone, suppressed, they fade ever still

Fear is the perfume for the repelling

The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

Voices pound and call from the bleeding walls

Come out, no stay; here, no there, now away

Stay in solitude, Escape restless thralls

The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

Males will tumble and fall under the warmth

Rings rust, veils tear, vows forgotten and lost

Joy never found returns into the earth

The bright sphere sets over the dark room of comfort

A chill rises in the abandoned form

No risks taken, but no rewards to gain

The world’s loss, never to see her transform

Bleeding Soul

Her shields were set to maximum

The core was impenetrable

The crusty shell hardened around

The beautiful soul chose to drown

Joy but remained only surface deep

Like paper bags holding lava

Masks of smiles and short complete bliss

Hid the gaping darkened abyss

Love refuses to conquer all

When it can’t enter the door

Love will melt any broken heart

But the deadbolt must first depart

Please open the chasm to give

Don’t hold back your talents and gifts

The cake will spoil if given years

One’s youth comes, than it disappears

If only this weeping girl could see

Peers, friends, lovers and passers by

All had in common the same soul

That she needn’t cry for control

Instead she stands ever alone

Beneath the lipstick, likes and charm

A rose internally bleeding

None knowing her inner pleading

Haven’t we learned from tales of old?

Not one is without past or sin

But still we fake a perfect life

We die from cloaking inner strife

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