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The Judas Killer

~Adult Mystery Novel~

judas killer cover

STATUS: Querying Agents!

I’ve had several full manuscript requests from prospective agents!

A serial killer is on the loose, terrorizing an old Pennsylvania town, by targeting hypocrites with twisted secrets and stringing them up like Judas. An introverted pub singer, with a shield of fire-red hair, is in the killer’s sights when her only brother becomes the Judas killer’s seventh victim, and a filthy past threatens to destroy everything she thought was true. With the help of a zealous yet dashing detective, Loralie discovers her family, and those around her, are covering abuse, lies, and criminal acts.

Each victim describes the final moments before they take their last breaths. But if each victim deserved to die, is it still unacceptable to rid the world of their filth? Will Loralie find her hidden strength, or is she fated to become the very evil she is running from?

Coming Soon!

The Judas Killer sequel:


STATUS: Early stages of first draft.

Mona’s Masterpiece

A picture book about a young girl who believes everyone is a better artist than her, until her teacher shows her she has more in common with the art masters than she realizes.

STATUS: Fourth draft written. In the middle of illustrating.

Coming Soon:

Working title:

“Neutral Abyss”

A science fiction novel set in a possible future. It toys with the answer to this question:

What would happen to our world if man and woman became no more, and only a third gender existed?

There’s time travel, romance, twists and turns, and murder!

Status: Middle of first draft