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Neutral Abyss

~ Adult Dual-Perspective Speculative Fiction ~

When two time-travelers intersect with conflicting ways to fight for peace and diversity, the future gets a bit murderous.

Artistic Qwinn wants to paint, love, and live freely, but it’s illegal to create anything diverse and unique in 2073. The world is a utopia with no disease, no war, no racial divide, and one new sex to unite all. The new government, Unity, has outlawed gender pronouns and replaced them with ve/ver. Finding love is near impossible when everyone – best friend, parents, tyrant president, and even verself – look exactly the same. Qwinn defies the restraints Unity has enforced through capital punishment, and leads a rebel enterprise to destroy Unity. But when ver family’s lost time machine shows up, Qwinn is forced to face a new future – in the war-filled, multi-gender past.

2040, on the other hand, is war-torn, hate-filled, and reeling from diseases. Qwinn’s parents, Axel and Zayla, finish creating the first time machine. Navigating the past proves to be messy work, as Axel changes time by stopping a tragic car accident. A confused Axel escapes from this new present where wives transform into traitors, and Axel becomes the last man on earth. Qwinn must now fix Axel’s time-traveling mistakes while evading a killer following the rebels through time, and not stepping on too many butterflies. If Qwinn and Axel fail to destroy Unity, the unraveling time stream will destroy friends, family, art, and humanity itself.

Status: Done! Searching for a Literary Agent!

Tsunami Vows

~Fantasy Romance set in a mythical Japan~

Kisei has one year left to marry or she’ll be exiled like any other single woman who refuses to take a husband. But as the last of eight sisters, she sees how unhappy a loveless marriage can be. She wants more from life, yet she wasn’t expecting to stumble on the mischievous Susanoo, god of the seas and storms. He’s a wild soul, somehow more stubborn than Kisei. He’s got his own life to figure out, as he tries to win back his sister’s favor by causing typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the occasional accidental death. It’s not Susanoo’s fault people get in the way of his rage. No, Kisei wasn’t expecting to step into his path at all.

Status: Writing first draft.

Untitled Japanese Historical Fiction

Set in the first years of the Edo period, this novel will focus on the famous samurai Date Masamune’s firstborn daughter, Irohahime. These are my actual ancestors, so I am painstakingly researching to do their story justice.

Status: Early first draft

The Voice of a Pen

~An Adult Picture Book for Writers~

Status: First draft done. Illustrating artwork.

The Lost Friend of Darcy Furwilliam

A children’s picture book.

Darcy Furwilliam is content in a lonely apartment meant for two, until his only friend, a stuffed dragon named Clementine, goes missing. Darcy fears Clementine has fallen out the window, but discovers Clementine has instead been captured by their archenemy Leonard the squirrel. Now Darcy must brave the scary outside world to rescue his only friend.

STATUS: Finished, but shelved for the time being.

judas killer cover

The Judas Killer

~Adult Mystery Thriller~

A serial killer is on the loose, terrorizing an old Pennsylvania town, by targeting hypocrites with twisted secrets and stringing them up like Judas. An introverted pub singer, with a shield of fire-red hair, is in the killer’s sights when her only brother becomes the Judas killer’s seventh victim, and a filthy past threatens to destroy everything she thought was true. With the help of a zealous yet dashing detective, Loralie discovers her family, and those around her, are covering abuse, lies, and criminal acts.

Each victim describes the final moments before they take their last breaths. But if each victim deserved to die, is it still unacceptable to rid the world of their filth? Will Loralie find her hidden strength, or is she fated to become the very evil she is running from?

Status: Finished

After several full manuscript requests from prospective agents, I have decided to shelf this novel to focus on my newer works.

The Judas Killer sequel:


Status: 3 chapters written and shelved until when/if I decide to de-shelve The Judas Killer.

Mona’s Masterpiece

A children’s picture book about a young girl who believes everyone is a better artist than her, until her teacher shows how she has more in common with the art masters than she realizes.

Status: Undecided if it’s ready for the world.