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The Judas Killer

~Mystery Thriller Novel~



Currently being line edited by the lovely Kathy Ide

Just a breath away from querying!


A serial killer is on the loose, terrorizing an old Pennsylvania town, when an aspiring pub singer finds herself entangled in the killer’s sights and a filthy past threatens to destroy everything she thought was true.
She discovers the hanged body of her brother, the victim of this killer who targets those with dark secrets and strings them up like Judas.
My adult mystery thriller, The Judas Killer, reveals Loralie’s search for trust and truth in a world consumed in deception. Is she fated to become the very evil she is running from?


Possible front cover. Painted by me with acrylic on canvas:

judas killer cover


Coming Soon!

The Judas Killer Sequel:

“Dark Rain”

Status: Early stages of first draft